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See thats what I am wondering. I mean, I have seen documented EVP's that were super clear before, they're just rare. I wonder if anyone else has caught anything.


This is submitted for you review.  I do not put any credance into this type of thing, but many people do and I enjoy seeing what the various groups do to try and prove their theories. 

Again I do not say that the whole ghost thing is true or false.  That is your determination....

On a side note.  I did have a second group do a more indepth investigation 2 weeks ago.   They initailly reported hearing "old time" music in the Gally.   They have not returned with their findings yet.   

USS Batfish...

What a hoot.  Demon Frog.  Maybe that was the name of the BATFISH before ACOUPA...The USS Demon Frog (SS310)   :uglystupid2:

The only one I could actually understand was "east end".  I think it was the way the steel affects the sound of thousands of WASPS.  After all, they are the only thing that I am sure of that has died on the BATFISH...uh...Demon Frog.

I just present the what has been given to me.  This also gets us on the haunted tour in October and gets the work out.   At least we do not have haunted dolls like the museum at Bacone...... :2funny:

Travis McLain:
Seeing the "Ghost" photo in color is a little different than in black and white, the face is in a different color on the metal.


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