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Our Navy inspection...
« on: November 01, 2012, 01:04:22 AM »
I received the US Navy ship inspection report today from NAVSEA. It contains a few items they would like us to address, including the fact that there is one gallon of water in the engine room bilge (if it weren't there, I'd have to pump it in to make the boat look more authentic! :o)  Most of it is very positive on the material condition of our submarine.
Understand that most of the report is a check list. But there is space at the end for general remarks by the Navy inspectors. Let me quote from these final remarks in the report:
"Museum personnel were extremely helpful and knowledgeable with regard to the craft. This boat is in impeccable condition and is an outstanding example of how a donated ship should be maintained. The ex-Cod and the city of Cleveland should be proud to have such a fine vessel."
Great stuff here guys!  I want to thank every one of your for your efforts to make COD such an outstanding  memorial vessel.  It truly is a team effort, from our COB, our deck gang, our hard-working painting crew, our tour guides who make sure our visitors understand the great history of COD, and to the ship keepers who make sure we have the revenue to fund these efforts. To all: WELL DONE and BRAVO ZULU!
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