Author Topic: 2-24-2013 BATFISH Report  (Read 6820 times)

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Re: 2-24-2013 BATFISH Report
« Reply #15 on: February 26, 2013, 01:35:41 PM »
As we move forward with any project everyone has to remember that the museum has VERY little money.  This is one reason that i need to keep in the loop on every thing.   For digging out the dive planes I am all for this.  I believe Jim is on the right track by building some type of coffer around the planes.  Keep in mind the current paint job is a protective coat only.  We did not sandblast or remove the old paint because of the costs involved in lead abatemnet.  We do not want to go there.  We have plenty of paint.  There is $3000 available for this purpuse.  That sould be more then enough to complete the equipment on the grounds as a whole. 

I do have a drawing showing the lay of the electrical and water for the gounds and park.  There is not a whole lot there so this should be easy.  Also we will be taping into that line by summer for the lighting project. 

I like the plan being disucssed so far.  I agree with Mark S in that we probably need to dig the after plans out first then proceed with the ruder.  We will need to use caution as we proceed as I am certain that the boat will be shifting as we do this.   We will need to maintain the integraty of the gangway thoughout this project.  The Muskogee Foundation just spent $40,000 to rebuild the gangway and the sidewalk leading up to it.  An oops here would not be good.  There are ways that we may be able to accomplish any further retaining walls for the stearage gear as we move forward.  Start getting me some dollar figures.  I can start working the issue. 


PS  I am looking at an Eagle project that will be repairing the back fence line.  A bobcat would be very helpful in removing the old fence, trees, vines ect.     :smitten:

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Re: 2-24-2013 BATFISH Report
« Reply #16 on: February 26, 2013, 03:02:29 PM »
I'm wondering if we got one or two large pieces of equipment (say bull dozers) and attached a steel cable line from each of them to the large cleats on deck, maybe it would help the boat roll to port when we break her free.  Then again, with the condition of the superstructure, we'd probably just rip a section of the deck off.

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Re: 2-24-2013 BATFISH Report
« Reply #17 on: February 26, 2013, 03:47:09 PM »
If we take pressure off the stern it may right itself.  The "kink" looks like she wants to go starboard but the stern is stuck to port.   :-\

- Is there $$ to replace the back fence Rick?  If you want to really replace it, we cut off the chainlink, roll it up, bring in the dozer and pull out the poles.  If you advertise through the Muskogee paper or even free on Craigslist that the trees behind are fair game to anyone who comes through you, as long as they take ALL of the tree they cut, I think you will see those be gone too.  Put a red "X" on the ones you want gone and get out of the way!  Winter's not over and firewood costs money.   8)

- Mark, you may be on to something.  The heavy brackets that they used to lift and secure the BAT to the barges are still on the hull.  I had just mentioned to Rick that we should cut them off.  MAYBE we give a little tug after the stern is free and see.  I think that we will have to free the bow as well to get the full effect.  The bow will be easier and take a smaller wall as it is (my estimate) only about 3-4 feet in.

- Why is there a lead issue?  Drum blasted their hull in place didn't they?   ???

- They spent $40k on that?  I am in the wrong business.  Rick, PLEASE, let me look at any further estimates that you get.  I have over 25 years of contacts with companies all around Oklahoma.  They took us (Batfish) to the cleaners on that.  I could have used 1/2 that for industrial coffers both bow and stern.   :'(