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1/144 Scale USS Batfish Model
« on: August 07, 2013, 11:43:36 AM »
Good Morning Everybody!

I just discovered this site and had to join it.  I just went to the Batfish Museum for the first time last week (actually it was the 2nd time, but the last time I got there at closing time, and although the kind gentleman said I could go through, I didn't want to feel rushed so I waited for my next chance), and I must say that I was quite impressed.  My first thought on the experience, my first on any ship or submarine, is that anyone who did a full 30 to 60 day cruise on any of the fleet boats, even at peace time, should be given a medal.  When I was on (and in) Batfish, I think there were 3 or 4 of us touring it and 3 guys working on it and I think it would be difficult to spend that long in there with just us.  I can't imagine what it would be like with 80 more guys in there.  My hat is off to those of you who have lived through that experience!!!

I would like to publicly thank all of you who work for, or support, the Batfish Museum.  You are doing an excellent job and preserving a fascinating slice of history for all to see.  THANKYOU!

Now to the purpose of this post... my Batfish model.

I recently started making ship models using AutoCAD to design them and rapid prototyping (3D printing) to make them.  My first subject was USS Greenling (SSN-614) because a friend of mine sailed on her in the early 70's.  I started with a set of plans for Permit and modified them slightly to make a 3D virtual model of her...

…That a friend then “printed” for me.

He initially printed only one rudder, but he later printed the missing one and I built the model, which is completed, but is awaiting a base.


Before the first Greenling model was printed, I designed a more detailed version.

For whatever reason, my buddy printed the un-detailed version.  To date, I had click2detai print the sail components, which I have assembled and given one coat of black primer…

…And Pavel, from Admiralty Model Works, has printed the bow section for me in exchange for CAD work, and it has received a couple of coats of some old Tamiya primer that I would typically never use on a model, but I wanted a light color and the only other primers I have are black and red oxide.  Still, I am happy with the results, and am currently waiting for the remaining parts to be printed.

If you want to see more details on the design/builds, go to my build log at

In the meantime, I was trying to decide what model to make next, when my work took me through Muskogee, and I saw a sign for the Batfish Museum.   I stopped by and on my truncated visit the curator told me that although he didn’t have plans, the Pampanito site did, and so Batfish became my next subject.  In addition to the plans, I received numerous photographs from people, following my build log on

Currently the model is about 75% complete, although I still have more detailing to do, mostly on the deck.  Below is the Part Diagram for the model…

…And a few shots of the virtual model.






As I said earlier, I am not a submariner, nor a Navy man.  If you see something wrong with my model, I would appreciate hearing about it.