Author Topic: Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine" - check this out!  (Read 7720 times)

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Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine" - check this out!
« on: March 07, 2008, 02:51:12 PM »
Just wanted to let you guys know there is a great tool out there for viewing archived websites. This is great if you want to see what a website looked like years ago, or if you want to see a website that used to exist but no longer does.

Take a look at the Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine":

Just put in a complete web address in the blank and hit the "Take Me Back" button.

I've been using this for years. Here's a great example of its usefulness. The Silversides website no longer exists at but I want to see what it used to look like.

January 24, 2001 the website looked like this:

Want to see more of what the Silversides site has looked like over the years? Look at these results:

TONS of different looks over time. Each link with the "*" beside it means that the site was updated in some way since the previous archive.

Have fun!