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Cobia "Up Scope!" - April 2015
« on: May 05, 2015, 02:35:39 PM »
“Up Scope!”

                       April 2015 – Volume 3, Issue 2

USS Cobia (SS 245) * Wisconsin Maritime Museum
75 Maritime Dr.   Manitowoc, WI 54220   866-724-2356 *

Bow Planes
In February, a small group of Sub Vets came up from Chicago for another work party. They focused on putting the bow plane gearbox back together. Packing glands and new gaskets were installed before the heavy cover was put back up. This was no easy task for them because the gear box is located in the overhead above a torpedo rack and the guys have to stand on ladders or removable decking to work on this piece of equipment. We really appreciate their commitment and dedication to this project!

Shore Connection
Twice this winter Cobia’s shore power cable froze in the ice flows. This caused the old, weathered cable jacket to crack. At the end of March we were able to finally replace the old cable. A mining cable is now in place and will hold up longer in the harsh environment. A new stainless steel junction box was installed on the riverwalk and the connection set up on the sub was repaired. A rod was installed on the forward pylon and with the help of springs, the cable is now suspended higher above the water and the springs will allow movement with the sub. The data cable was also replaced and secured to the new cable. (Photo shows the old cable (grey) and the new one (black).

Phones and Pumps
Ron Takacs and Russ Collins continued working on the sound powered phones and have restored communication throughout the boat. They installed a patch box for the JA-XJA phone circuit in the sail and made a 50ft extension cord that can be plugged into a patch box in the control room. A restored headset can now be plugged into the box on the bridge and allow someone to communicate with the engine room for engine starts during ceremonies. While they were up they also re-installed the new sealed bearing for the #2 transfer pump in the forward engine room. It just needs to have power put on it and tested before the pump gets installed. 

Ron has also been looking into repairing the lights on the torpedo ready boards in the torpedo rooms and the lights on the “Christmas Tree” in the control room so that the board lights up when tour guides demonstrate the diving procedure on tours.

“Cobette” Karen Duvalle
Submarine Curator

Coming Soon!

*New USS Cobia interactive exhibit and the Freshwater Submarines exhibit opening in June!
*1st Annual SubFest, July 10 – 12, 2015!

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Re: Cobia "Up Scope!" - April 2015
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Thank You for the update, Karen.