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Up Scope! - January 2016
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“Up Scope!”

January 2016 – Volume 4, Issue 1

USS Cobia (SS 245) * Wisconsin Maritime Museum
75 Maritime Dr.   Manitowoc, WI 54220   866-724-2356 *

Happy New Year!
We were beginning to think winter wasn’t going to show up this season, but then we got a foot of snow in less than 24 hours and the cold seeped in shortly after! With the cold came the chance to finally test out the new aerators that were installed in fall. We started out with two, because we had to fabricate and install stations on the aft end of the boat so that we could attach the aerator ropes to something on the sub since there are no life lines in that section.

This season is an experimental one for the aerators. They are currently installed with four ropes on each, but we’ve discovered the ropes block the ice chunks from moving though the area. If the ice chunks are big enough (some were a foot thick after only a few days!), they threaten to sink the aerators. In mid-January, the maintenance staff had to spend a few hours breaking up the big chunks and herding them beyond the pilings to protect the aerators from being damaged or sunk. Before next winter we will look into permanent dock mounts so that we can attach them to the Riverwalk. This should allow us to angle them to create a larger space of open water and help push ice out of the area instead of it getting trapped.

Volunteer Report
•   Paul Kraynek installed some additional lighting and a switch in the “boiler room” under the 40mm. He also installed a switch for the lube oil transfer pump.
•   To pass the time while waiting to give tours one day, Jud Bly went through the boat and tightened bolts on several ladders and kick plates. Thanks Jud!
•   Phil Walters has been doing regular maintenance on the HVAC system and got it prepped for the winter season. He also had a chance to meet with the HVAC designer and installer to look over the system and create a plan for some maintenance projects in the Spring/Summer.
•   Pat Habel did a little research and general maintenance on the #1 High Pressure Air Compressor.

Cobia Clarion
The Cobia Clarion was the crew newsletter that was mailed out once a month to crew members and families. It was started a few years after the war by Dan Pelton as a way for the crew to keep and touch and plan reunions. It was eventually passed over to Charlie Stewart who kept it going for many years. Sadly, there are only eleven WW II crew members still around that could contribute to the newsletter, so they felt it was time to wrap it up. The remaining crew members will be included on the Up Scope! mailing list and I’ve offered to include messages from them if they’d like to continue to share information.

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