Author Topic: Navy Ships at San Diego Naval Base (Zumwalt, Littoral Combat Ship, Nimitz) 4K  (Read 4432 times)

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Alright, so it's not a museum but it is a related attraction I'd encourage members to go on.  Photo montage video I put together of all the Military ships & equipment I saw while on a harbor cruise this past January.  The tour does take you right by Naval Base Point Loma, the homeport of several Los Angeles - class subs, however during my visit they were all deployed.  :'(  Nonetheless I still got to see some REALLY COOL stuff including the USS Zumwalt, both styles of Littoral Combat Ships, a Nimitz Carrier, a couple Wasp Assault ships and countless other naval vessels, choppers and F/A-18's.

So for anyone planning on going to San Diego to see the B-39 Foxtrot sub or USS Midway, hop on the 2-hr tour San Diego Harbor Tour and you'll get to get closer to active Navy Vessels than I thought was ever possible!