Author Topic: Lessons learned: weapons loading USS CAVALLA  (Read 4225 times)

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Lessons learned: weapons loading USS CAVALLA
« on: December 20, 2008, 01:40:15 PM »
Here is another example of a submarine museum crew doing what it had to to get three Mk 14's onboard in 2006, please notice the way that they rig the weapons for loading.. I personally would NOT have rigged the first weapon the way that they did and you will see that as they went along that they figured out how to rig a weapon out and they did not bring a weapons skid up on deck for ANY of the loadouts. Fortunatly no one was hurt in loading those weapons which is the common goal everytime you load weapons regardless if you have everything to do it right or just barely anything other then the desire to do so. Before you ask what is wrong with the way that they loaded the first weapon out (because the 593 class used to load that way) they picked the weapon up by the engine section and had a sling at the nose keeping it a 90 degrees until they got to the hatch where they slowly changed the angle of the weapon. On a 688 and a Balao, Gato, Tench they are picked up horizontal (laying flat and not pointing straight up and down) and then brought over onboard into a sling and then lowered down into the boat through her weapons shipping hatches.