Author Topic: Amateur radio event from Historic Ship Nautilus  (Read 1656 times)

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Amateur radio event from Historic Ship Nautilus
« on: June 24, 2008, 09:34:05 PM »
Any participants on this board who are also amateur radio operators or shortwave listeners might be interested in a special operating event coming up the first weekend in August.  We will be operating stations on several amateur radio bands, including 7.279 mhz and 14.343 mhz, from the vicinity of the Submarine Force Museum and Historic Ship Nautilus in Groton, CT.  We will be using the special callsign N9N, signifying the historic radio message transmitted by Nautilus--"Nautilus 90 north"--when she emerged from beneath the polar ice cap after successfully navigating across the top of the world, through the North Pole.

Nautilus actually "pierced the Pole" at 11:15 PM EDST on August 3, 1958, becoming the first vessel to do so.  We plan on keeping the stations active until one ham operator somewhere in the world actually contacts N9N at the exact moment of the 50th anniversary of that historic polar crossing.  Thanks to the Southern New England Navy Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) operators for assisting me in setting up and operating the stations.

For those in the area, that would be a great time to visit since the staff at Historic Ship Nautilus and the library/museum will have many special activities going on.

73 (ham radio lingo for "best regards"),

Don Keith N4KC