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4 month update!
« on: June 25, 2008, 01:52:03 PM »
Well, as of tomorrow, 6/26/2008, SUBMARINEMUSEUMS.ORG will be 4 months old.

Since February 26th, we have accomplished:

1) 65 actual forum members
2) over 3,000 forum posts
3) over 8,000 hits to the front page of the website
4) the help and support of USSVI, Lockwood Internet Base
5) an associate membership into HNSA
6) an endorsement only days ago on all USSVI.ORG websites' news link to visit us
7) countless other things, such as friendship, education, and HELP from each other and various sources
8) and hopefully, PROMOTION for the submarine museum boats!!

Let's keep a good thing going.  Please continue to spread the word to others.  There are still many museum boats who do not have a single representative here on the forum.  I have personally emailed every single person that has been mentioned to email (at least once), so please, invite invite invite.  There are a few of you here who have accomplished more in member recruitment than me for sure!

I tell you, I have had at least 3 people tell me that just because of this website they learned there was a submarine museum near them and they were going to go out for a visit.  That's the stuff!

Keep on keeping on!  Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the t-shirts, I'm just still trying to get a response from a t-shirt maker.