Author Topic: School of the boat for 19 Aug 08  (Read 6106 times)

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Re: School of the boat for 19 Aug 08
« Reply #15 on: August 24, 2008, 11:50:38 PM »
After 18 years of on again and off again military service to include the Army (my current branch) and the Navy and the Navy Reserves has taken a toll on my body. A lot of the guys on Torsk call me "mongo" because I am not afraid to move ANYTHING regardless of how much it weighs and for me in the Attack Aviation community I used to curl 112 lbs for the fun of it (a can of 30mm weighs that much for 110 rounds and the weight of the "dunnage" and the ammo can weigh the last 2 lbs) Gil and Bruce walked through the boat last work weekend and I had moved our Mk 19 gyro off of the stand while using my legs to push a piece of gear back into place and they were worried about how we were going to get the damned thing back in place without chainfalls and I manhandled it back into place without breaking a sweat.
Sadly I have arthritis in it along with a torn muscle in the back of the rotator cuff and very loose tendons inside the rotator cuff holding it in place, the folks that have heard me roll it out of place (for the fun of it) have been sickened by the sound and by the feel of it and it finally it has gotten to the point where last night after picking my 6 year old son up I couldn't pick up a plate of hamburgers without nearly crying :-[ 
In the last week it has been disloacated 4 times and I am awaiting surgery to remove the tip of the clavicle and then scraping the inner bone of spurs then tightening of the tendons along with having the doc sew the torn muscle back together. My doc claims that it will be back to good as new if not better between 10 days and 6 weeks after the surgery, I can only hope that he is right because while I have bad knees (arthritis under both) my right shoulder I have to have (dominate arm) to do most if not everything that I want to do in life. My surgery is scheduled for Sept 5th and I am not allowed to drive for the first 10 days and fortuantly for me my folks knew that this was coming and made preperations to be here with me and my son, I wanted to hold off on the surgery until after this work weekend (Oct 3-5) but it wasn't in the cards and I have to miss this work weekends fun... hopefully I can make it up there to see everyone but I am NOT allowed to work at all and that hurts bad.
To answer your unasked question about how did it dislocate that many times in one week??  it started onboard when I pushed up on a 8lb fan to put it back into place and twisted it wrong and then pulled it out a day later pulling my seat belt out of the door and then trying to do a PT test (made it 3 push ups before the muscle let loose) and then finally yesterday picking my son up. When I talked to TorskDoc last night on the phone it was settin a 1/4" forward of where it was supposed to be at, had I not had a few beers I would have gone to the hospital to take care of that and get some good drugs but I didn't want or need the hastle involved.
Fortunatly for me my Ex helped me get it back into where it is supposed to be and then helped me put a sling on it, after that we had it out and there is nothing left that I want from her and expect nothing else from her ever again. So as they say it was all good and the air was cleared and while I thought we were on mutal grounds we weren't and I no longer have any feelings for her at all other then she is my son's mom.
Great weekend right... staying with your ex-wife and her fiance and kids while waiting to pick up your son and then tearing your shoulder out again.. Wish like hell I could have been on Torsk working my arse off while my kid gave tours and making the docents feeling small knowing that he is 6 and giving a more correct tour then they are.