Author Topic: PAMPANITO Receives New Mooring  (Read 13325 times)

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PAMPANITO Receives New Mooring
« on: September 18, 2010, 04:28:11 PM »
See Photos Here ---

Over Thursday and Friday, 09/16 & 17/2010, PAMPANITO received a new surge anchor system that holds the boat off the pier. This project, easily worth over $150K, was donated 100% by a consortium of companies. Rich Pekelney led the effort on PAMPANITO's end and obtained the following donated goods and services:

1- Engineering design of the system - Bittner Shen Consulting Engineers, Inc
2- Review and Approval - NAVSEA
3- Four 10T Navy stockless anchors, six shots of chain - US Maritime Administration, Susuin Bay Reserve Fleet.  
4- Loading of anchors and chain - MARAD mobile crane barge FS-65 MARY ANN.
5- One shot of chain - Dutra Group
6- Tugboat MARYANNE, multiiple crew changes to push BARGE 34 from Richmond to Susuin Bay for pickup and return to Richmond - Westar
7- BARGE 34 - Manson Construction Inc
8- Multiple certified shackles and three inch center link - Manson Construction Inc
9- Two long days and multiple crews for tugboat TERILYN - Westar
10- Two long days and multiple crews for Crane barge HAGAR, workboat POINT RICHMOND - Manson Construction
11- And finally, in Rich's preliminary report,

"This was a complex removal and installation that was complicated by the lack of documentation of what was installed in 1988.  There were only unreliable oral histories describing the installed tackle.  

The removed tackle will be inventoried next week, but it  was roughly 4 five ton anchors, two less than 5 ton concrete blocks, and enormous amount of chain.  

The Manson and Westar crews safely performed this complex evolution with seamless teamwork, and  professionalism.  When changes were needed from the detailed workplan (ship happens), the crew adapted quickly and without a fuss.  

On both days crews from a competitor's crane barge working the Hyde Street fuel dock and the SF Port crew working on Pier 45 came to take photos and admire the workmanship of the Manson and Westar crews. "

I have to echo Rich's final comment: "I can only begin to express how thankful the Board of Trustees, Staff and Volunteers caring for  PAMPANITO are for generosity of Manson, Westar, MARAD and Dutra.  We will all sleep much better through this winter's northerly storms."

Several hundred photos taken by several photographers - Ships Manager Aaron Washington is sorting them now, will post some representative shots here as they become available.

BRAVO ZULU, Rich, Bittner-Shen, US MARAD, Westar, and Manson!  :smitten:

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Re: PAMPANITO Receives New Mooring
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2010, 06:43:55 PM »
Bravo Zulu Rich, and well done to all involved.

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Re: PAMPANITO Receives New Mooring
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2010, 09:33:19 AM »
Always great to see a plan come together.  Nice work!