Author Topic: School of the boat - a must read.  (Read 7944 times)

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School of the boat - a must read.
« on: September 25, 2008, 01:32:38 AM »
To all my fellow NQP's here's a word of advice from a guy who gave the word, "Dink," a new meaning.

Go here:  (cut and paste it if it doesn't, 'click.')

It's, "Olgoat,"  Ray Stone's site and he's the baddest, meanest COB in the Navy.   :laugh:   In there you will find the BEST collections of DBF short stories that exist - all written by Bob, "Dex," Armstrong who made the rank of E-3 Torpedoman into an art-form.

Studying the boat is learning about the most lethal submersable, Swiss-watch that American genius ever created - before Rickover invented the moonbeam-powered submarine.  If you are a newbie NQP you ought to learn about the raghats who lived inside the people-tube because then, and only then, will you have the full picture of what a boat is.  Dex's stories are more than the guys because you will also find one hell of a lot of boat-lore and technical knowledge.

For instance, Darrin guessed that I learned about how to hunt seagulls with a CO2 extinguisher from a DBF'er - yep -  It was Dex!  4 Krispy Kremes to that sailor.  I also learned that St. Thelma was the Patron Saint of Pier-22 and that Bell's was a great bar where ladies had tattoos and knuckle-dusters and some, for a fee, would educate young bubblesheads about the joys of athletic romance!  It was also Dex who told me that, "Bubbles," was the Goddess of the Main Induction!....  and much-much-more.

OK.  Going to read some posts and try and learn something.  Cheers and beers to all of you!

Hairy the Horrible