Author Topic: Congratulations to Wisconsin Naval Ship Assoc.-USS Edson has a home!  (Read 1422 times)

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Wikipedia has reported that the US Navy has awarded ex-Edson (DD-946) to the Wisconsin Naval Ship Association as of 10/10/08. All I can say is no organization is more worthy of this honor. They fought for more than a decade to save USS Des Moines, only to see her scrapped at the last minute. Hopefully the Saginaw Valley organization can find it in them to move on and choose another ship. This comes as a bit of a surprise as Sheboygan was always considered the underdog and it was generally believed that Saginaw was more likely to be the winner, but this assumption happily proved false. She is expected to be towed in 2010. The museum will be completed in 2009.

I'd probably wait for confirmation from WNSA before posting, but this is just too good not to share.