Author Topic: British Submarines in WWII  (Read 9185 times)

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British Submarines in WWII
« on: June 02, 2009, 07:14:36 AM »
I'm out there surfing the net when I find this little song from life on a British Submarine

Submariners, like all navy personnel, enjoy an occasional song. One of the many songs heard in British submarines in the 20th Century (though not in WW2, as 'Tide', I am assured, was not introduced until after the war) was 'Nobody Washes in a Submarine', to a rather obscure tune (with acknowledgements to the late Cyril Tawney):

If you join submarines and you've got any pride, You won't use Persil and you won't use Tide.
If you go in the washroom all the boys declare: 'You'd better not take any soap in there.'
For I don't give a damn wherever you've been, nobody washes in a submarine.
The navy think we're a crabby clan. We haven't had a wash since the trip began.
We've been at sea for three weeks or more, and now we're covered in s*** galore.
Our feet are black where they once were pink. Three blokes already have died of the stink.
We hid them in the fore-ends where they couldn't be seen, for to throw them in the sea meant they might have got clean.
From the Forward Torpedo Room