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The sad sub in Hackensack

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Lance Dean:
Ling has all her batteries?  I thought only the Requin had all her batteries.

I thought that it was only Ling that had all her batteries.  ??

By the way, why would it make any difference --apart from trivia?

PS: Hey, the message board editor has a "sub" button. I think I'll submerge a few words. :-)

Hazardous material those batteries.  Besides that is a lot of ballast to account for when you might try to float her out of the mud.  With 126 cells to each battery, weighing about 1,650 lbs you have 415,800 lbs of battery.  That's a lot of extra weight to account for when moving a boat that probably has little or no power of its own.

Paul Farace:
The only freaking batteries aboard USS REQUIN are in the boombox the staff uses to play Lawrence Welk polkas on!!!

She, like COD, was mothballed by the USN sans batteries.  :(

Outside of LING, I believe only USS BLUEBACK has cells --

the power kind that is...   :uglystupid2:

Gil Bohannon:
Becuna still has her batteries - I've crawled her wells!



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