Author Topic: Volunteers needed for Cavalla- What is your skill?  (Read 5094 times)

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Volunteers needed for Cavalla- What is your skill?
« on: February 15, 2010, 10:39:49 PM »
CAVALLA HISTORICAL FOUNDATION John McMichael and CHF needs to raise funds to install the rebuilt periscopes, so we are calling on our fans and friends to consider making a donation.
1. a donation of time to do some dirty work in the sail in preparation for the replacement.
2. Donation of funds needed to rent the large crane necessary for us to do the job.
(see if your company has a fund matching program for 501 c 3 charitable contributions)

Contact John McMichael to volunteer your time.

 Donations can be made at at the paypal donation button or by mailing your check to:
Cavalla Historical Foundation
c/o Jeff Morris, Treasurer

Don't forget the Cavalla work week and Bash August 9-16. Be sure to let Dave Stoops know if you think you might come. Registration information will be available later this spring after we have finalized the details.

1. Install new periscopes- This project would probably require two work week-ends to prep the area properly, with a crane rental on the 2nd. Would require 4-5 volunteers each time who are willing to do very dirty work.
2. Repair the area under the #3 3” gun turret on the Stewart. Temporary repairs were attempted with devon but failed to stop the leak into the Stewart. Will require removal and lifting of the Gun.
Probably require crane and welding repair etc.
3. Scrape Prime and paint the Tautog Sail.
4. Repair the bow of the Cavalla damaged in IKE ( this will probably require hiring it done because of equipment and expertise needed)

5. Prep and paint the Stewart exterior
7. Repair mess tables in the Stewart
8. Paint interior of Cavalla bulkheads - this could be done with volunteers if we can get them reorganized. (even if all the components are not yet repainted would greatly enhance the appearance of the submariner interior)
9. Paint and Scrape engines and engine room of Cavalla
10. Repair significant rust and corrosion on Cavalla Sail
12. Landscape along Stewart to keep water flowing away from ship. (requires dirt fill and possibly bobcat rental) Good project for volunteers to assist with.
13. Bunk Frames in Cavalla. Repair and if necessary construct replacement parts etc.
14. Repair existing Cavalla light fixtures, this requires removing them, cleaning, replacing transformers and starters and reinstalling. (another good volunteer project)
15. Replace the cat5 cable and 4 cameras inside the sub for the webcam. (Cable needs to be rerun outside and inside since the storm and new cameras purchased)
16. Prep and paint engine rooms on Stewart
17. Replace flying bridge wood deck on Stewart
18. Repair the plumbing torn out by the storm from the Stewart to make the heads and showers workable again.

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Re: Volunteers needed for Cavalla- What is your skill?
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2010, 11:41:06 AM »
Just made a donation via PayPal - hope it helps! :smitten:
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