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Trip to the Cavalla
« on: June 17, 2011, 07:54:37 PM » i went on vacation for a week well a much needed vacation and i went to Seawolf park..when i got their...price to get in ...26 dallor..for 4 people anyway seawolf park is a nice park overall outside of the musem on water their were people fishing and such and their was a peir nearby that you could fish off of ..but once you got onto the cavalla her self..she was a nice vessel freshly painted a few rust marks and lots of seagull droppings..on her deck and when we went inside her ..i almost fell becuse the steps WERE SMALL! but yea once on the ship it was pretty cool you could touch alot of the controls hell they even had a torpedo tube opended :) the ship inside looked to be in fair condition though their were alot of rooms you couldnt get into..the bad part about the cavalla is that you cant even look inside the conning tower becuse the hatch is closed to go up their ...but honeslty after going to galveston..i relize that theyv done a great job with the submarine..and i say SUBMARINE! becuse once u get to the sorry but i didnt like the stewart..once you got onto her you couldnt go below deck at alll to the engine room or to the wardrooom and such bedroom ECT. their were some rooms you could go into..but they need alot of work deffintly as in the rooms theirs alot of things wise...things that a tourist would wanna see..once u got to the gun areas..honestly..some of the guns you couldnt go onto them becuse ither they were so rusty you couldnt stand on them or they were blocked off and some of the guns had parts hanging by a thread on them...the control tower..well that was...umm...yea their hardly was ANYTHING IN IT...the only thing was the wheel and a couple phones and some wires..and thats it..their was alot of stairs to climb up  too..and they were skinny as crap haha i had to watch my little cusin try to keep his balence on them..and im lucky i didnt fall as well..but yea once your on the ship theirs alot of rust...sorry for being soo critiical i just honesty...overall though the stewarts pretty nice its apart of galveston history really so the place where its at is a great place ..heres a funny thing..when i went to go get a suvenior..they only had a t shirts..and they had only 1 hat left..and it was about 20 yea a lil pricy ..overall i give the musem a B- ..nice submarine though :))I Would say  if ur a submarine ethusists this is BY FAR A place for you..and if ur a destory escort person then yea you should deffintly go...but the cavalla is deffitnly  better i am gonna post pictures later
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I am a fan of the batfish and the U-505 i have been interested in world war 2 since i was little my dad and his father and my dads fathers mother served in wars i am interested in the Submarine war of world war 2 and someday i want to be a marine archaeologist and or a world war 2 historian