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Commissioning Pictures
« on: September 21, 2011, 11:40:38 AM »
This is a picture of the Chiefs and Officers assigned to Clamagore at her commissioning in June of 1945.  The names are copied from the original as they are written.

1st row, L-R; Dan Clements,Truman Pounds, ? , Sam Loomis, Bailey, Chas Stempf, Walter Czerwinski
2nd row, L-R; Joe Druger, John Berardi, Robert Ruby, Murray Weinrue, Ed Gibbons, William Azbell
Note the Chiefs only have the Combat Patrol pin worn on their chest.  At this time the dolfin insignia was still a sew-on patch, even for dress blue, for enlisted.

Though not labeled as such I believe this is the crew photo from the commissioning.  There were no names on these but Loomis and some of the Officers/Chiefs are the same.  Have no clue who the Captain is in the center of the 1st seated row.