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Current Cavalla Restoration Budgeted items--
« on: October 17, 2012, 11:17:19 AM »
I wanted to share the current items budgeted for the Cavalla in the coming year.  Donations and volunteers have limited what we are able to do and the Board of Directors has worked had to set projects within our anticipated revenue.  These are the projects set up for the next year to prevent deteoriation of the Submarine.  We always need volunteers to work on the sub and donations to move ahead.  We have so much inside work we want to do but we have to attach the rust issues for all of you know " Rust never Sleeps."  Come give us a hand!

1.1  Cavalla Superstructure Drain Project:  Installation of a gravity drain for the Cavalla superstructure.  Includes scraping and painting approx. 3 x 500 feet of pressure hull and tank tops, removing an old A/C Unit, and cutting drain holes in the ballast tanks and install pipes to drain rainwater overboard. This requires the removal and reinstallation of a section of the wooden deck for access to make repairs.

    1.1.1  Priority = High

    1.1.2  Budget request = $3,150.00  Labor  = 100 hrs x $20.00/hr = $2,000.00 Welding / cutting = 20 hrs x $25.00/hr = $500.00 Material = $650.00

1.2  Restore Cavalla Forward Engine Room, Lower Level Project:  Clean and preserve forward engine room lower level. Tasks include: removal of oily water from bilges per regulations, scrape and paint all areas below deck plates w/Devgard 308, and coat all bilges w/ premium epoxy for lasting protection.

    1.2.1  Priority = Medium   

    1.2.2  Budget request = $9,400.00  Labor = 320 hrs x $20.00/hr = $6,400.00  Removal and disposal of oily bilge water = $1,500.00  Paint and materials =  $1500

 1.3  Cavalla Stop Leak Project: Repair, adjust, and verify the Forward and After Deck Access Hatches so that they are watertight when closed during weather events.

     1.3.1  Priority = High

     1.3.2  Budget request = $640.00

Gil Raynor

Founder and Director Emeritus of Cavalla Historical Foundation