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USS Silversides 2012
« on: November 27, 2012, 10:40:08 AM »
Well it's the end of our season again and we had a good year. Were now draining all the water systems and piping getting ready for winter. We got a lot of run time on 3&4 main engines and managed to burn 250 galons of fuel. We also had help from some old boat sailors doing lineups and starting engines. Their is no way to describe the smiles on their faces and sometimes a misty eye when they fire up a Fairbanks.  We had lots of visitors, some old sub vets from WW II and it's always a joy talking with tnem. The USS Perch reunion came over from Grand Rapids and spent the day. They had their tribute for their lost shipmates, a local lady (i forgot her name) played Taps for them and we started engines when she finished, it was moving to say the least. Once again a few misty eyes. Theis is no way that volunteering could ever be considered work!

Now it's time for some maintenance getting ready for next year.  Can anyone donate or loan us a F/M injector test stand and pressure gauge calibrator?