Author Topic: How do you inspect beneath the superstructure to the rear of the sail?  (Read 2337 times)

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On the Lionfish ...
I have been able to get below the decking around the conning tower and forward. Rust has eaten away some of the supports.
I would like to get a look at the structure aft of the sail, so I can see what problems are there. The air induction pipes take up so much room I can't see in between them.
And I don't think I can squeeze through to get in between the induction pipes. So how do you look in there?
The Lionfish has metal decking that starts forward of the conning tower, and runs aft. Maybe the people who put in the metal decking didn't think about maintenance access.

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The only one that I have been under is Torsk and she has a step sail and a very nice and large snorkle head valve at the aft end of the sail, however the Torsk does have a lot of the origional decking around the superstructure and honestly I don't recall other than going in on the Aft Port Side of the step sail and then over top of the snorkle head valve and then to the aft part of the origional sail and there were a couple of access cut on both sides of the structure for it.

Wish I could help


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There are many areas under the deck and superstructure that are inaccessible.  Places that are accessible we get to by entering under the deck through a deck hatch and working our way around, which requires you to be a contortionist.  The area around the induction piping that you refer to can only be looked at by pulling up the deck.  Torsk is in the middle of replacing the deck, so the inspection and preservation is going on when the old deck is pulled up.

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We can get access Cobia's to superstructure through a number of different hatches in the deck. Some areas have more room than others and depending on the time of year I'm either battling spiders webs or trying to avoid hidden pockets of slush (my foot usually ends up in one anyway!). Once we get back around the engines though, access is limted and, yes, being a contortionist helps!