Author Topic: A great story of 2 Volunteers and a museum and veterans whom support them  (Read 3523 times)

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A lot of us know the story of Tom and Leslie on the USS Drum SS-228 and how far they have come and Tom post's when he can now from time to time just to let us know how far they have come in the past few months.. It was nice for Tom to give a "shout out" to Lance Dean for starting their website and to actually see how far they have come especially seeing some of the before and after pictures of their work and things that were learned and taught on here over the years.

BTW Tom Bowser was instrumental during the School of the Boat in various different ways behind the scenes, especially when I would hit a low spot. He, Chief Mike, John Theotino and others would make me pull my boot straps back up and finish what was started to make sure that others were able to see and learn something that was done for so many years by the men before us whom had given so much during their boats active lives.

The video that I am about to post shows what can happen when you have great museum leadership and a dedicated crew no matter how big or small the volunteer crew is, all please take notice that 90+% of the monies that have saved the Drum were donated and not given to the Volunteers either by the museum or a foundation not to mention that the volunteers did ALL of the work for FREE.

For the Museum's that watch this bbs and don't post, I truly wish that you would post especially after seeing this video and take it to heart because OUR volunteers in ALL of their museums bust their butts for NO atta boy's just the knowledge of knowing that the public and the veterans appreciate their efforts.

Here is the video....