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New from Torsk
« on: June 18, 2008, 08:55:56 AM »
Hi All,

Request permission to come aboard.

My name is Mike Eacho.  I retired from the USNR as an ETC(SS) after a combined 22 years.  Did 8+ years active, qualified on the USS Von Steuben SSBN632(B) and did 5 patrols as a Reactor Operator, Reactor Technician, and EWS (yes, I was a Nuc).  Also did instructor duty for two years at S3G, the Nuc prototype in West Milton, NY (near Saratoga Springs).  After shifting to USNR, I served at SIMA Philadelphia for a couple of years and then NAVCOMMSTA Puerto Rico until I retired.

I now serve aboard the USS Torsk (SS-423).  Been with her for about ten years.  I do electrical restoration and repair and electronics restoration and repair.  The big project now is to restore Torsk's radio room to its 1965 configuration and make everything operational.  We started in February and we are making great progress.  Hope to be finished by Work Weekend in October.

As Darrin has said, I have been involved in many, many strip ship trips to the James River Reserve Fleet in Virginia, NAVSEA in Philadelphia, and Bremmerton.  We have pulled parts from Sailfish and from Trout.

Although we are geting close to having original or replacements for all the equipment found on Torsk during the 1960s, we still have a number of items we are looking for including an AT-350/BRC Side Mount Whip Antenna w/Fairings (mounted on the side of the sail), an AN/UGC-41 teletype printer keyboard, a SB-1203 teletype patch panel.  Over the years we have accumulated all kinds of repair parts and replacement parts that we would be willing to trade.  We also have some equipment that turns out we don't need that we'd be willing to give up.  You'd just need to pick or up or pay for shipping.

If I can help, let me know.  We wouldn't be where we are in our restoration effort without help from some terrific and knowledgeable people like Rich Pekelney.