Author Topic: Pearl Harbor Day at COD  (Read 1376 times)

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Pearl Harbor Day at COD
« on: December 08, 2010, 12:41:00 AM »
We're down to one PH survivor these days. Hope the rest are too smart to stand in freezing cold weather or are in Florida. But as always, it's an honor to host the veterans' event aboard USS COD.  The dive locker office on the beach was warm and there was plenty of hot coffee and donuts, but five minutes in that bitter cold wind and you know it.
Also on hand were survivors of the Battle of the Bluge and several new submarine veterans who surfaced in town recently.

The media was not present this year. But there was some coverage in the morning paper before the event.  That's OK, they don't do this for the newscrews, but for their comrads.

The gent in the middle in the blue plaid coat is the PH survivor; he's been aboard for as long as I can remember. Seems pretty damn hearty, so I hope he is back again next year.
The PH tablet is positioned in front of our plaque temporarily, until we can prepare a suitable site elsewhere in the USS COD Memorial grounds.
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