USS Cobia (SS-245) at Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, WI Russian B-427 alongside the Queen Mary by Vic Wild Below are the approximate locations for all of the submarine museums listed on this site. The color of the location pins are roughly referring to the class of the submarine, with dark blue being Gato class and red being Balao class, for example. Just click on any of the location pins, then click on the "Zoom In" symbol (zoom in) in the upper left corner. Continue to click that "Zoom In" symbol until you zoom in to the resolution you want. You'll have to move west to Hawaii to see the pin for the USS Bowfin by either click-dragging westward or by clicking on the "Pan left" symbol in the upper left corner. Note that there is a link below the map to a full-screen view of the map where you can get driving directions to any submarine museum.

Also, on each location pin you'll see a link to that submarine's "official" website, whether it be for a park or a volunteer organization. More specific details can be learned from each respective submarine's website.

You can actually see overhead views of all of the submarines!

Click here for a FULL-SCREEN VIEW of the map where you can also obtain driving directions!

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